About Me

Hi! I’m Deepak Sharma, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate who finds his passion in blogging with a thought in mind for financial freedom.

After working in industry for almost 3+ years, I took a decision to follow my dreams & passion. I know, this was a tough move to leave the corporate world and always will be, but to follow your dreams, tough decisions are necessary to be taken.

Everything was started with a thought of creating a way to have a lot of free time for myself & my family without being tensed for my daily livings. So, I started exploring & leaning, as the days proceed, in this search to set myself financially free, I also started this blog “Investment Teachings” with a thought to spread the knowledge which I am gaining, with those who share the same dreams.

After graduating from a private college in Haryana, I started my career as Design Engineer. The whole process of planning, designing, and developing a machine was almost like a dream come true. Designing Machines & its components is my liking, but I found my passion in blogging.

Investment Teachings

In search of financial freedom, I find my interest in finance as I proceed with my search, I gained knowledge that to be financially free, effective money management and personal financing is a key element.

One day, I read a small book with its cover named “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” This book changed the way I used to look at “Income & Expanses” It was an eye opener and my interest in personal finance, investment grew from there and search for financial freedom expedite.

As stated earlier, Investment Teachings is stated with a thought to spread knowledge with those who shares the same dreams of becoming financially independent.

I started blogging to learn more and share my understandings with my readers. I try to write my blogs with a personal touch & a sense of simplicity which my readers can feel while reading & blogging on topics which I read & learn energies me a lot.