Principles of Life Management – A How-to Guide to Manage Your Life

Principles of Life Management – A How-to Guide to Manage Your Life

Through this article, I will share the “Principles of Life Management” these principles will help you to get success in every aspect of life.

This article is a comprehensive guide, a how-to guide to manage your life as well as to manage your day.

These days, we are so much busy that we have forgotten to live a life.

Every morning, wake up late and run in a hurry to office, all-day work, chit-chat with friends, parties on Saturday and a lousy Sunday has become a routine of most of us.

We have lost somewhere in this daily busyness that we have forgotten the true essence of life, life not just about working all day and party at night.

“Job or work is a part of your life; it’s not your whole life.”

In true sense, there are many more aspects of life about which will talk about in this article.

We will try to touch all those aspects in-depth and will make your life blossom again.

Before understanding those life managing principles, we will talk about a simple way of Time and Task management.

As on a daily basis, we have to complete several tasks or we have all have specific targets and objectives in our offices based on which our performances are measured. 

That is why, we take them seriously.

A few people, successfully manage to complete daily official targets and objectives, but most of the people struggle even in the official life.

As I have said earlier, this article is to make you successful in every aspect of life, and our job/Work is a part of our life.

Before directly going to “Principles of Life Management”

I would like to introduce a universally accepted way of Time & Task Management. Let’s quickly recall that “Time & Task Management Principle.”

After understanding this simple principle, we will implement the same to our life’ various aspects.

Time & Task Management Principle

On our daily basis, we have to complete a lot of tasks, targets or objectives. Some are quick and some take time. Some of the tasks are urgent, some may not be urgent.

Daily tasks or objectives can be categories as –

  1. Urgent & Important
  2. Urgent But not Important
  3. Important but not urgent
  4. Neither Important nor urgent

Most of us perform these tasks only based on urgency. Only do the tasks first which are urgent and forget the rest, but that is not the right way.

Here one more thing should be in focus that approx. 80% of the people only follow time management in work i.e. not in real life.

Our job/work is only a part of our life, this time management principle should also be followed in other aspects of also.

Let’s understand the time management principle first -

Time management principle follows the task management strategy which only a few people actually follow.

This is not new, it a universally accepted way of task management by successful people.

Before managing your time, you have to manage and categorize your daily tasks –

Above shown Infographics explain the simple principle of task management in which all the daily tasks and objects have been categorized based on importance and urgency.

As we have listed our all the tasks and objected along with time taken by them to complete the task.

Now, we have to just allocate all the task a time slot on the basis of importance and urgency.

Though, this is a simple principle and already known in people. But still, not everybody is benefited from the potential of this simple principle.

Managing your Life – Principles of Life Management

Let’s try to apply, this Time Management Principle to our life. First of all, we have to list down all the objectives of our life.

After listing our life’s objective will manage our life and live life with its full essence.

In true sense, there are only two objectives of our life. You may be wondering, just two, yes folks, only two main objectives.

First I will list them and then will talk about them in-depth one by one –

  1. To stay Healthy.
  2. To help others and serve the world.

Life’s Objective 1 - (To Stay Healthy)

There are 5 types of health for which we should have concerns –

Physical Health

It forms our body and mind physical strong. Daily Exercise and Healthy Eating Habits can take care of our physical health.

If we are not physically healthy then we can fulfil our life’s objective in the true sense and also can’t even enjoy life.

An hour of exercise daily routine and healthy eating habits will do the work for you.

As everybody has studied in primary schools – We all should eat a balanced diet which contains, Carbs, Proteins, Healthy Fats, Fibers, Minerals and vitamins.

Mental Health

There are two kinds of skills – Common Life’s Skills and Specialized Skills.

  1. Common Life’s Skills – This includes Communication skills, leadership skills, sales & marketing, negotiation skills, business & entrepreneurship skill etc.
  2. Specialized Skills – These are those skills which require special and different kind of education and make us a specialist or professional such as engineering, painter, Digital Marketing, Medicines etc.

To keep ourselves mentally healthy, we have to keep on increasing our knowledge. In this age of data and technology, the age of our current knowledge is just 2-3 years which is a known fact.

So to keep ourselves with the world, to keep ourselves mentally healthy, we have to keep on increasing our current knowledge.

For which we can read books on these topics join new courses online/offline, attend webinars or seminars etc.

Emotional Health

As we are growing as a society, our social life has narrow down which has a significant effect on our emotional behaviour.

We are always in a hurry and forget to spend quality time with our family.

We are always aggressive, in constant anger, we need entertainment to keep ourselves happy.

This is not life, or happiness either. This is just a diversion from reality.

The World has developed in technologies, we have now social media, Smartphone and lots of gadgets to make our life easy. But actually, we are depressed.

Because we have forgotten to take care of our emotional health. 

Emotions grew when they get space to grow. We are always busy that is why our emotions make us aggressive.

Nothing amuses us because we never pay attention to details that is why we are always angry.

So, leave the Smartphone aside and pay attention to details in this world, this is a beautiful world, spend time with family.

Listen to people and try to understand other people point of view, keep calm, listen carefully all the details because mis-cummunication creates conflict and Take care of your emotions always and stay emotionally healthy.

Financial Health

This health takes care of our financials, our monetary affairs, this is a vast topic to take care of our financial health – Read – 50/30/20 Rule of budgeting – Problems and its Solution

Spiritual Health

It is not any “God or Angel” related thing, spiritual health is the process of knowing yourself and creating yourself as you like.

It is the theoretical and most important practice of your life to stay healthy while the other three practices are the practical implementation of this practice.

Here we create all the thoughts, all the methods and processes that we practice during our Physical, Mental, and Emotions Health Practices.

Spiritual Health Practice does the architectural work for your life.

To practice this, you have to keep track of your day, all the interaction, and communications in a diary.

At the end of the talk with yourself about every interaction with all the people, remind all the actions you have taken and note down what you have done write or what you have done wrong.

Give yourself marks for your day, was it an awesome day, or something left to do, were you an efficient performer or there is a need for improvement.

All write down all the details, “How you want to spend your whole day?” “What are your dreams and desires?” “How you will achieve those dreams & desires?” “How you should behave or act?”

The movies, TV Shows, Youtube, Circus, Magic Shows, videos, etc. you watch, everything is well scripted, every movement, every blink of eyes, is well scripted.

In the practice of our spiritual life, we will script our day and gradually our life. Yes, not every time things will go right, you will make mistakes.

But remember, “Failure has the key to success” find the key unlock the door of success for yourself.

Life’s Objective 2 – (To help others and serve the world)

This is the main objective of life, “To help others and Serve the World” not only humans but also the Mother Nature, all the flora and fauna.

Some people need helping hands, if we are healthy enough, we should help people.

In true sense, we should try to identify problems as much as possible and try to solve those problems with creative and innovative ideas.

So that we all get improve as a society.

By solving problems, we can monetize them to gain financial benefits, create our businesses.


Managing our life is not rocket science, we just need to focus on all our life’s objects – stay health – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially and Spiritually.

Because, after staying health, we can focus on our life’s ultimate objective – to help others and serve the world.

This is a way of living, “Principles of Life Management” in which take care of our family, friends, health, knowledge & skills, also try to help other as well as take care of Mother Nature.

Tell us in the comment box, when and how you will start following these principles of life management to live life to the fullest. 

Stay Healthy and Keep Helping others……

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